Retro Fit & What It Means:

What Retro Fit Is All About....


Did you know that there are thousands of homes on the Costa Blanca that have single glazed sliding aluminium frames, which in our opinion are no longer fit for purpose and very out dated.
Until now no company has been able to turn old windows into double glazed, clients have been told it is just not possible to remove a 4 mm piece of glass and replace it with a 14mm double glazed unit and would have to buy new windows instead.
A problem we hear all the time is that people just don't want to change the facade of their house or simply cannot afford to buy new windows, but why should this prevent people from having the benefits offered by double glazed windows?...…
Well it doesn't due to our new patented design it is now possible to transform a single pane wooden or aluminium window into a double glazed unit,  on average retro fitting your existing frames to replacing them for new will save you 60% to 70% on costs. Plus we can go one step further with your old aluminium frames, whilst having them transformed into a double glazed unit why not also allow us at Retro Fit Windows & Doors to thermally enhance your aluminium hollow frames by filling them with an insulation technique which allows you to keep the warmth in and the cold out saving you hundreds of euros per year in heating costs and also gives you the benefit of noise reduction.... so try us out get a quote from a company for replacing your windows & doors, then get Retro Fit Windows & Doors to give you a quote and you will see the massive savings to be had !